Speedy Tuesday - Dutch Comics Writer and Cartoonist Martin Lodewijk (Agent 327) Wearing A SpeedmasterI am under no circumstances hot for watch brands using certain ambassadors to endorse their replica watches and did a thorough and much-read article on that of a last year (here). However, I additionally find the idea that replica watches have to be sold which some customers actually try to be associated with a superstar or athlete by a watch with the same brand, or same watch perhaps.What I do like, happens when people (famous or less famous) are wearing a watch ideal reason, that they can bought given that they enjoy it. Ever before, I watched a documentary on television about (comics writer and cartoonist) Martin Lodewijk, author on the Agent 327 comic.Martin Lodewijk as part of his studio in Rotterdam, sporting the Omega Speedmaster Professional.Agent 327 is a undercover agent and loosely based on Ian Fleming's character, but - like Martin Lodewijk - they are found in Rotterdam and seems to get himself into weird situations. The primary Agent 327 cartoon appeared in a very copy of Pep (comics magazine) in 1966, but appeared as being a separate comic album from 1970 until last edition, released in 2015, vintage rolex daytona which has a (long) pause between 1983 and 2000. Agent 327 is normally associated with the Swiss Olga Lawina, who will certain you're seen within the cover images below.From the documentary on Martin Lodewijk and his awesome Agent 327, I remarked that he was wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Moonwatch'. The film showed him at his drafting board, enabling you to clearly identify his watch like a 'Moonwatch'. A couple of stills later, I was quite sure it concerns a Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69, produced approximately 1969 and 1971. This is depending on the dial (printed logo), bezel and the reference 1039 bracelet (produced till 1971). A younger reference is the 145.022-68 that is with all the applied Omega brand name and a later reference will be 145.022-71 but to my best knowledge that would have been delivered on a 1171 bracelet . However, it truly is of course possible.Still picture of Martin Lodewijk drawingAnother still of Martin Lodewijk with the drawing boardThe documentary mainly focused on Martin Lodewijk (76 yrs . old) completing his last album (De Daddy Vinci Code) as well as the struggles he encountered doing this (writers-block, his hands and wrists that did not cooperate that well and 'sand between his ears'). Being a fan of comics and cartoons, I watched the documentary with great interest and - needless to say - enjoyed the moments where Martin Lodewijk's Speedmaster was clearly shown. The Agent 327 albums have been in Dutch so could be the interview, playing with case you happen to be Dutch, Flemish or somehow competent at understanding Dutch language, watches I urge that you watch this documentary made by RTV Rijnmond (click here).Martin Lodewijk's last Agent 327 albumOne interesting comment from Martin Lodewijk from the documentary is exactly what happen to Agent 327 in the future as he isn't capable anymore of doing the job. He means the strict policy that Herge's owners have with regards to the using Tintin. By even pointing at Tintin you will get sued, according to him. This corresponds with my experience with them, when talking about the Speedmaster Professional 'Tintin' timepiece (here). They threatened to go to court me after i even would makes use of the name 'Tintin' in the article, which is merely crazy. The letter of Moulinsart (the legal organization who protects the Tintin heritage) is available upon request. Maybe a nice collectible addition for those who've bought the - now discontinued - Speedmaster Pro 'Tintin' watch.Martin Lodewijk's Agent 327 album that has a cartoon of - what's likely based on - Speedmaster chronographAnyways, another interesting note is the fact Martin Lodewijk featured a cartoon of an chronograph watch within a of his Agent 327 albums (Het oor van Gogh, 2003). For legal reasons I cannot publish the look in the following paragraphs, but it really vaguely resembles the Omega Speedmaster thus it was probably according to his personal timepiece.All still images by RTVRijnmond. swiss replica iwc Comic strip images copyright by Martin Lodewijk. A big thank you to Paul Dezentje. replica breitling online shop watches
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